157 Icebreaker Questions For Your Virtual Team Building Activities

Icebreaker questions are more than small talk.

They provide great opportunities to bond as a team and encourage creative thinking. As a part of simple team building activities, icebreakers are super useful, especially for remote teams that don’t have shared office space.

When teams are working remotely, it’s challenging to connect personally with each other in a social setting.  Icebreakers are made of laughter, personal connection, and a willingness to share. Just the right ingredients to boost friendship and help remote teams feel comfortable around each other.

While it’s beneficial for team building, icebreakers might not work for all occasions. Particularly, if it’s a formal meeting that involves high-level executives or a meeting that aims to address a crisis. It’s important to look at your target audience first before planning for icebreakers.

We’ve explored an extensive list of icebreaker questions that encourage communication and comfort among your team members. Specifically, we’ve covered 👇

Zoom Icebreaker Questions

  1. Are you an early bird or night owl?
  2. Tea or coffee?
  3. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  4. How often do you work in your PJs?
  5. What was the silliest thing you or someone else has ever said during a meeting?
  6. What do you like most about remote work?
  7. What is your useless superpower?
  8. Where is your dream location to work from?
  9. How do you stay motivated working virtually?
  10. Altogether, what is your favorite thing about your team?

Small Groups Icebreaker Questions

  1. If you could be anyone in this world, other than yourself, who would you be?
  2. Tell us 5 things you always carry in your bag?
  3. What is the last song you heard?
  4. Are you a planner or a spontaneous person?
  5. How do you relieve stress and anxiety?
  6. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done for fun?
  7. Who is more likely to cry during an emotional moment?
  8. What is a team-building activity that you secretly hate?
  9. What historical figure would you meet?
  10. What’s one thing that always makes you laugh no matter what kind of mood you’re in?
  11. What makes you feel happy about life right now?
  12. What is your future career choice?

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Large Groups Icebreaker Questions

  1. Who is the most inspirational person that you’ve ever met?
  2. Do you care about your zodiac sign?
  3. Pick your favorite decade and explain why!
  4. What excuse do you use all the time?
  5. What are the five things that are the most important to you except friends and family?
  6. What’s the first thing you’ll do once the world is free of the pandemic?
  7. If you weren’t at work right now, what would you be doing?
  8. Would you instead choose “wisdom” or “money”?
  9. Which skill have you learned during working from home?
  10. What superpower do you wish you could wake up and have tomorrow?

Team Building Icebreaker Questions

  1. Are you a listener or a talker?
  2. What type of person do you love working with the most?
  3. What quality do you appreciate most in a friend?
  4. What are your favorite team building activities?
  5. What superpower would you give to your coworkers?
  6. How would you describe your laugh?
  7. You’re only good as your team: True or false?
  8. What is your earliest memory of teamwork?
  9. What was your first job?
  10. If you could choose your own personality, would you like to be an introvert or extrovert?
  11. The best thing that ever happened to you so far?
  12. What are languages you can speak?
  13. Work from home or office culture?
  14. What are the interesting skills you want to learn?
  15. What lockdown lifestyle teaches you?
  16. Do first impressions matter?
  17. What are your favorite hobbies?
  18. What is one thing you will never do again?
  19. What makes you laugh more than anything?

Travel Icebreaker Questions

  1. Beach or mountain?
  2. In your opinion, what is the most beautiful place on earth?
  3. What’s your favorite way to travel?
  4. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
  5. Where are the best places to travel alone?
  6. What’s the longest trip you’ve ever taken?
  7. Road-trip or airplane?
  8. If I visit your country, what’s the one meal I shouldn’t miss?
  9. What’s the best city in the world?
  10. What fictional world or place would you like to visit?
  11. Which country do you wish to travel to?

Fun Icebreaker Questions

  1. What is your favorite genre of music?
  2. Name TV shows that you would recommend to everyone?
  3. What’s your favorite cartoon character and why?
  4. What skill do you think everyone should have?
  5. If you could kill any fashion trend forever what would it be?
  6. Which song can you listen to all day long?
  7. If you could have dinner with a fictional character, who would you choose?
  8. What is your favorite sport to watch?
  9. Money can’t buy happiness: True or false?
  10. What is the most useless talent you have?
  11. What book did you read that changed your life the most?
  12. What are the most ridiculous things you’ve bought?
  13. What is the oldest thing you own?
  14. What outdated slang do you still use?
  15. Childhood life or adulthood life?
  16. What is your best school/college memory?
  17. What is your favorite style of clothing?
  18. Which game do you play the most?

Food Icebreaker Questions

  1. How do you like your eggs?
  2. If you can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what is it?
  3. What’s your least favorite food?
  4. Coffee or tea?
  5. Beer or cocktail?
  6. What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?
  7. Can you live without desserts?
  8. Share an unusual food pairing that you enjoy!
  9. What is the grossest food you ever had?
  10. Pizza or sushi?
  11. Carbonara or Bolognese?
  12. What is your guilty pleasure food?
  13. What’s your favorite café?

Technology Icebreaker Questions

  1. Do you think computers will ever take over the world?
  2. Is technology something to appreciate or fear?
  3. If you could only use one piece of technology, what would it be?
  4. What are your top three most used emoji in text?
  5. Can you live without your smartphone for 24 hours?
  6. From 5-10, how tech savvy are you?
  7. What is your favorite technology brand?
  8. What is your favorite way to waste time online?
  9. If you have a time machine. When and where would you like to visit first?
  10. If you have to delete all the apps but can keep a maximum of three, what apps would you keep?
  11. What’s your favorite emoji?

105.Would you delete your social media for your mental peace?

Weird Icebreaker Questions

  1. Would you rather see the beginning of the universe or the end of the universe?
  2. If you could go back in time with the knowledge you currently have, what age would you choose, and why?
  3. If you had all the time, money, and resources, would you still work?
  4. Do you prefer to be able to speak to animals or speak all languages?
  5. If you ever met an alien, what would you ask?
  6. Would you rather lose your sight or hearing?
  7. Who would you want on your team in a zombie apocalypse?
  8. If you could commit any crime and get away with it, what would you choose ?
  9. Would you rather live in the ocean or the jungle?
  10. If you could be immortal, what age would you choose to stop aging at?
  11. What will happen after we die?

Personal Icebreaker Questions

  1. Describe yourself in one word!
  2. What are your nicknames?
  3. Love or Be Loved?
  4. What is your absolute dream job?
  5. What would you like to do when you retire?
  6. What’s your greatest struggle in life?
  7. What three things would you like to accomplish this year?
  8. What book did you read that changed your life the most?
  9. What movie inspires you the most?
  10. What’s your favorite tradition or holiday?
  11. What is your dream and ambition?
  12. Love or career?
  13. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  14. What is your favorite scent and why?
  15. What’s your personal heaven?
  16. What’s your ideal date?
  17. What’s your worst date?
  18. What are things you’re worried about?
  19. Who knows you the best?
  20. What really makes you angry?
  21. What is your most memorable birthday?
  22. What is the silliest memory with your best friend/coworkers?
  23. What is your favorite Christmas present?
  24. What really makes you angry?

Deep Icebreaker Questions

  1. What are you most grateful for right now?
  2. What is the most challenging aspect of your job right now?
  3. Who influenced you the most when you were growing up?
  4. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
  5. What would you do if you had all the money in the world?
  6. If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
  7. If you could go back to your childhood, what would you learn and master over the years so you’d be an expert at it today?
  8. What one thing would you change about our society?
  9. If you have the authority to change the law, what law would you change?
  10. If money was not an issue, what would you be doing with your life?
  11. When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?
  12. What is your moment of achievement?
  13. Have you found the purpose of your life?
  14. What motivates you in life?
  15. What title would you give this chapter in your life?

Final Thoughts

Getting to know your team better is the best approach to boost team morale in a remote setting. Ice breaker questions are an easy, fun and intimate way to start out with hints to get the vibe and conversation flowing as well as energize your team building activities. Building a strong culture for a remote team is not possible as long as the team can communicate openly, cultivate trust, learn and grow together .

We hope that these ice breaker questions are useful to help your remote team to bond and become closer than ever before. For more ideas to connect with your team virtually, check out the complete guide of virtual team building activities in Singapore.

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