36 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for 2021

The holiday season is fast approaching! Are you ready for this year’s virtual Christmas party?

Have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of resources to get the creative juices flowing.

These experiences provide opportunities for teams to relax and reconnect with coworkers. After a long year, spending an hour kicking back and sharing a laugh with teammates is essential.

Although the celebrations have to take place in online formats, these virtual activities maintain a sense of normalcy and a genuine team connection.

In this list of virtual Christmas activities ideas, we divide the experience into three different categories; Fully Hosted, DIY, and Santa Approved

Let’s dive into the list to provide one of a kind experience for your beloved teams!

Fully Hosted Christmas Parties

  1. Live Virtual Travel: Explore Winter in St Petersburg, Russia

Take your remote team on a joyous Christmas journey through the freezing cold city of St Petersburg from the comfort of your couch.

Christmas in Russia is breathtaking as the city is often covered in heavy snowfall during the holiday season. There are many beautiful attractions in the city during Christmas, one of the most popular is the Church of Spilled Blood.        

On this immersive journey to Russia’s cultural capital, we will:

  • Explore the famous Nevsky Avenue with its ‘Venice of the north’ vibe
  • Explore the world’s deepest subway system
  • Hunt for traditional (and delivcous) Russian street food
  • Marvel at colorful Church of Spilled Blood
  • Interact and converse with locals from different cultures

Get your proposal to explore St Petersburg with us this winter.

  1. Live tour a Christmas Market 

One of the great things about virtual events is that you can give your teams access to a unique experience that is inaccessible in real life. To get into the Christmas spirit this year, take your team on a virtual tour to the most beautiful Christmas markets

Few places do holiday celebrations quite like Europe with its Christmas festive markets all across the continents. According to Renate Strub, an international travel writer, and photographer, European Christmas markets are a cherished family tradition in Europe, dating back to the 13th, 14th centuries. Celebrated by the locals and tourists, everyone rejoices in the enchantment of Christmas toys and ornaments, baked specialties, chocolates, and so much more displayed in a golden light. 

I feel warm inside…

Here are more live and interactive market tours for your virtual Christmas party: 

  1. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room can be a fun idea for your team’s holiday event, worthy of any occasion. Project Avatar is a type of virtual escape room game that combines creative problem solving with a real focus on teamwork and collaboration.

This fully hosted team-building activity offers 60 or 90 minutes gameplay options and full support to ensure that you can sit back and enjoy the game.

Dive into the dangers of the real-world location, solve challenging puzzles, show your determination, and win!

  1. Holiday Cocktail Party 

Share a holiday spirit with a holiday cocktail with your remote teams! Not only do you enjoy a drink together from the comfort of your home, but your team can also learn to create a spectacular drink with the guide of a professional mixologist. 

Through a Live Cocktail Masterclass, your team will learn how to use all senses when creating and tasting drinks to balance flavors like the pros. 

All ingredients and tools are delivered directly to your door ahead of the event. 1, 2, and 3 drink variations are available.

Perfect for teams located in Singapore.

  1. Virtual Carol Concert 

Carol concerts are among the many highlights of the Christmas season- and this year, lots are virtual. If you’re not ready for a full karaoke session, leave the singing to the professionals by hiring a virtual caroling troupe. Host a caroling concert for your remote teams or have carolers pop in when you’re transitioning from one activity to the next in your virtual Christmas party.

🎄 Here is a popular Christmas Carol playlist 

  1. Write Your Own Christmas Song

Get in the Christmas groove with our professional musician. In this creative workshop, you along with your team will create a memorable, shareable piece of art together, including your own Christmas song. 

Our musicians will bring your lyrics to life and you can play the result to jazz up your Virtual Christmas Party.

What’s even cooler, your team will keep the original .mp3 file to share with friends and family. 

7. Live Winter Tour of London

What could get you more into the festive spirit than taking to the streets for a live tour of London, England.

  • Explore Trafalgar Square, London’s central open square
  • Head to Covent Garden to witness live street performances
  • Go and grab a traditional bite to eat, the London way

As each tour is live, you can help decide the route, too!

low angle photo of people waiting for the red bus to pass
Look, a red London bus!
  1. Make & Sip Matcha With a Tea Master 

Give your remote team a nice and relaxing break before entering the holiday season! In this live and interactive virtual session, we will talk about the history of tea ceremonies in Japan and how to implement Zen philosophy to stay calm in the modern world. 

Ceremonial matcha and tools delivered to all guests, worldwide.

  1. Virtual Holiday Workout: Burn Calories at Home! 

Work out the holiday sillies with our Burn Calories at Home! Our trainers are experts in the field of movement and will get you sweating and burning those muscles, whether you are at home or in the office. 

We do high intensity the right way with challenging exercises targeted at getting results and giving you an amazing workout every time.

No equipment is needed, well, maybe a glass of water.

  1.  Virtual Wellness Experience 

A virtual wellness experience will be the most thoughtful Christmas gift for your remote teams to end this challenging year. Set to an amazing playlist, this breathing session is designed to help your team maximize their potential by creating an adrenal effect that stimulates focus, increases energy, and reduces distracting thinking patterns.

  1. Virtual Murder Mystery

A great way to make your virtual Christmas/holiday events more fun is to include a round of Virtual Murder Mystery games. In this online interactive performance with live actors, gather your team to solve the murder and bring the killer to justice! Get together with us on Zoom as we take you through your laugh-out-loud murder mystery plot.

  1. Virtual Campfire

Virtual Campfire is a fresh idea for your Christmas/holiday events. It includes typical activities such as ghost stories, s’mores-making, and sing-alongs. The goal is to recreate the bonfire experience at the virtual meeting. It’s all the fun of a real camp night, with no mosquito repellent required.

  1. Virtual Christmas Trivia

A trivia is always a good option for any virtual holiday party, especially Christmas. A Quiz Master will host the event live where they will guide contestants through 4 different rounds that are sure to keep everyone on their toes. Points are tallied in between each of the four rounds with the final round producing the winning team! 

Categories covered include pop culture, history, geography, sports, and more.

Here are more popular Christmas trivia questions and answers

  1. Virtual Office Olympics

Have fun and burn off a few of those holiday season calories.

Virtual Office Olympics is a fun way to get to know each other better, get active, and battle it out to win prizes. The event is fully facilitated meaning you can concentrating on winning rather than logistics.

DIY VirtualChristmas Parties

  1. Holiday Movie Pictionary

You can make a Christmas version of just about any party game, including virtual Christmas Pictionary. To play over a video call:

  • Screen share, and select the whiteboard feature 
  • Give one team member a Christmas prompt such as jingle bells, Santa clause’s hat, reindeer, or mistletoe. 
  • The teammate will have 1 minute to draw the word while other guests guess.
  1. Virtual Heads Up Game

To play Heads Up remotely via zoom, ask your team to download the Heads Up app on their phone. Heads Up is a type of party word guessing game in which each player has to guess a place, person or thing with help from the audience. The fun comes from thinking of witty hints to help the player say the correct answer. When they guess correctly, they flip the phone down and score points. The goal is to correctly guess as many terms as possible in one minute.

  1. Virtual Card Exchange

Sending virtual cards is just as much fun as sending physical holiday cards. And, there is no paper wasted ;). To do this activity, invite employees to create cards on a site like Canva

Through this platform, you can make DIY e-Cards– no graphic design experience or skill required, just a little imagination and a dash of creativity! To add more fun and challenges, make it a competition with categories like the most creative or silliest. 

  1. Christmas Care package

Employee care package but make it Christmas-ish, why not? A Christmas care package is a personalized gift with some extra thought that can brighten spirits. Some of the simple ideas for your Christmas care package:

  • A cozy blanket
  • Sweet treats box
  • A holiday-scented candle
  • A best-selling book
  1. Virtual Christmas Costume Party 

There are plenty of opportunities to dress up, especially on Christmas! For your virtual Christmas party ideas, invite your team virtually to come dressed as their favorite Christmas characters. Anything goes– from the nutcracker, grinch, gingerbread to the candy cane. 

  1. Virtual Never Have I Ever Game

When you’re having a virtual Christmas cocktail party with your team, play this classic Never Have I Ever game to infuse some fun and good humor. Also, it’s a great chance to get to know your coworkers on a different level. 

Here are more popular Never Have I Ever questions

  1. Virtual Paint & Sip

Virtual paint and sip class are more popular than ever. You can connect with coworkers online, paint and drink wine together. The alcohol consumption rules are flexible. Whether it’s wine, beer, cocktails, or mocktails, a good beverage completes your virtual paint and sip.

To set up your virtual paint and sip

  • Gather the right supplies: paints and canvas
  • Invite an art teacher or ask one of your talented team members to lead the session
  • Prepare the beverages kit or have it sent to your teams’ place. 
  • Paint and sip!
  1.  Virtual Christmas Decoration

Sharing a few home lives can be a fun way to get to know your remote teams. In virtual Christmas decoration, ask your team to do some decorating on screen.

Team members can talk about their favorite Christmas decorations and traditions. Whether they’re hanging ornaments on their Christmas tree or putting gifts on the wall, this makes a great family-friendly activity. Invite your team member’s partners and kids to join too!

  1. Holiday Buzzword

Holiday Buzzword can be the hit of your next holiday party. To play, ask participants to select awesome holiday words. Participants must take a drink or assign a different command like jumping jacks or singing any Christmas songs every time the selected word enters the conversation. Play the game for your virtual Christmas costume party or while listening to the carols.

Santa ApprovedChristmas Parties

  1.  Virtual Secret Santa

Christmas party would not be complete without a Secret Santa. To organize a virtual Secret Santa:

  1. Design Your Own Santa Hat

Channel your creative energy for Christmas by decorating Santa hats. Send each of your team a Santa hat in a classic or unique color, including a few craft supplies. Add this activity to your virtual Christmas party and play your Christmas playlist during the crafty session. 

Don’t forget to capture your moment along with your Christmas creation!

  1. Virtual Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas holidays are especially fun times to play Scavenger Hunt both online and offline. There are so many prompts that you can hunt with your remote team. For example:

  • Ugly Christmas sweater
  • Santa’s socks
  • Christmas tree star
  • Gift paper
  • Marshmallow
  • Hot cocoa
  • Golden bell
  1. Create Christmas Playlist

What’s a party without music? In your virtual Christmas party, have everyone choose their favorite music and create a playlist together.

The good thing about this is that every team member has a say which brings a sense of togetherness and more group efforts to the party. You can create a Christmas playlist on a platform like Spotify. 

  1. Christmas Icebreaker games

Icebreakers is a fun game that can bring people together. Christmas icebreaker questions will spark some great Christmas-centered conversation among your remote team. It’s wise to offer players a pass or chance to pull another question. We never know what might incite a bad memory or make someone uncomfortable.

Here are more Christmas icebreakers questions and answers.

  1.  Name That Christmas Tune

It’s time to test your team’s Christmas songs knowledge. In “Name That Christmas Tune” 

Game, players are challenged to identify a specific melody. To play, divide the participants into two groups. The first groups will be the singers/hummers that hum the tune or sing the song. The other groups must listen carefully or read lips to answer the Christmas tune.

  1. Christmas Photo Booth

Remote team’s group shots are much easier to coordinate thanks to programs like Zoom. For maximum Christmas photo booth fun, use props. Here are the suggestions for the props:

  • Christmas lights
  • Santa hats
  • Christmas sweaters
  • Reinder’s nose or antlers
  • Angel wings

With any RandomDots virtual event, a photo booth is always included!

  1.  Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

It’s time to come cozy and celebrate the season in a very low-key way! Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters has become a beloved Christmas tradition. You can create a virtual ugly Christmas sweater party paired with holiday happy hour. Include online party games such as icebreakers, trivia, or online bingo. 

  1.  Watch a Christmas Classic

Gather your team together to watch a Christmas classic like “Home Alone”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or “The Santa Clause”. With apps like Teleparty, you can connect your screens and send messages through the live chatbox. Start your movie party with some Christmas trivia or icebreakers. 

Here are the 10 greatest Christmas movies of all time

  1.  Virtual Christmas Dinner Party

Food is essential for any seasonal gathering. Most importantly, people bond through conversations during team lunches or dinners. And it’s not impossible to make it happening virtually. The easiest way to provide food for a virtual Christmas dinner is to order from a meal delivery kit in your nearest area or reimburse employees for a treat or meal. 

  1.  Show Off Christmas Tree

At your virtual Christmas party, it’s nice to have everyone in your team show off their Christmas tree or it can be just the decorations around their house. Ask your team to share about the decoration process, ornaments, and any other family traditions they have about the Christmas trees.

  1.  Holiday Photos That Tell a Story

Sharing is a heartwarming activity in any virtual event. One simple way to do it at your virtual Christmas party is to share “holiday photos that tell a story”. Mention earlier to your team that the story of holiday photos should be positive, either funny or heart-warming. Each team member should be prepared to share the story behind the photo and how it is meaningful to them. 

  1. Recipe Exchange

Exchange recipes with your coworkers is a fun way to share cultural holiday cuisine. Make this idea official Christmas activities by creating a simple poster/newsletter about recipe exchange.

Blast it through email and encourage each member of your team to try and share the result back to the group. 

  1. Toast The Team

Raise a glass to the hard work, the ups and downs of your team. Prepare this properly to close your virtual Christmas party. Give department heads a prompt if you want them to prepare a word in advance. Highlight the company wins during this hard time, cheers to better days, and a bright future.

Final Thoughts

These activities provide a nice balance between social time and downtime. 

By applying the ideas on this list, you can throw a joyous and memorable virtual party that will engage and delight your remote team. After months of hard work, your team deserves a moment to relax, reconnect and celebrate the season. 

Feel free to adopt these ideas and brainstorm more of your own. 

Plan your virtual party, send out your e-vites, and have a good time!

Bonus: We have built a collection of Christmas-specific events for you to enjoy, regardless of your team’s location.

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