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Memories from Tel Aviv

One Night in Tel Aviv Season 2 of #StayHome Experiences kicked off on Saturday, 6th June. First stop? Tel Aviv, Israel. Anna had spent some time in Tel Aviv on her travels and would not stop talking about the hospitality she received. I figured this is what everyone tells you when they develop an affinity to a city after visiting it. Her theory was soon to be proven correct. Intent on accurately portraying the city, we reached out to the Israeli Embassy in Singapore, more in hope than expectation. We thought the team may have 10 minutes for us to check the accuracy and authenticity of the experience we had planned. Instead, we found a real gem in Deputy Ambassador,...

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#StayHome Week Three: Cocktail Shootout

Cocktail Shootout! Week three already!? Time flies when you're having fun. After the positive comments about last week's interaction during the songwriting workshops, we wanted to facilitate an activity for Dotters to engage with one another once again. After brainstorming some possible activities, we decided upon a live bar shootout session with rogue cocktail bar Spiffy Dapper, more about that in a minute. On the food side of things, we wanted to enable Dotters to explore something new and interesting. Nokkedon, a Japanese pop-up over at Raffles Place created by Alex and Ryan designed experimental bento sets. Nokkedon was inspired by a visit to the Furukawa Fishmarket in Aomori City, a market where customers grab a bowl of rice and stroll around topping it up...

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#StayHome Week Two: Dotters Are Chart Toppers

Top of the Pops Encouraged after week one, we started planning a second episode. Taking the learnings and feedback from the previous week, we were intent on applying it to make episode two extra special. We wanted to bring something unique that also offered Dotters the chance to try out a new skill, something that was tangible to keep long after the evening was over. On Tuesday, Anna and I jumped on a Zoom call with good friends and local musicians, InSync. Together, we ran through a virtual songwriting class to see how much could be covered in an hour. The guys had created a smooth beat and a structure for us to start writing verses. An hour later, we...

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