We created a 2-hour event for the team to learn about an exciting, new culture whilst having some fun and strengthening the team’s bond.

A live tour through the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel. From the national museum to vibrant street markets.

A thematic ‘dead sea’ cocktail was delivered to all participants to give everyone a taste of the infamous Tel Aviv bar scene.

After seeing the sights of Tel Aviv (the city of old and new), the team projected themselves into the future with a bonding exercise.

Final call for… 🛫

The team enjoyed a co-created experience, ‘flying’ off to enjoy a foreign land together.

Our goal was to leave the team feeling refreshed, excited, and closer to each other.

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In Numbers.

The team may have been small but this enabled plenty of engagement and interaction from each guest.


The team was split over a whopping 8h time zone difference, no problem!


Kilometers saved in flights from the team’s individual locations to Tel Aviv!


Happiness score from the team’s post-event feedback. 

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