Bom Dia!

Human rights day live from a favela in Rio de Janeiro.

A live tour through the streets of ‘the little peacock’ favela.

Meeting locals inside the favela to share stories of challenges and triumphs of character.

How can we develop empathy? A masterclass.

Raising awareness… 

It is often challenge to empathise with others, especially when we are born into abundance.

Visiting Rio and learning about the day to day life of Gabe in the favelas enables us to understand what it means to live without basic resources.

The story of life in a favela is one that inspires hope and admiration for the level of creative problem solving humans are capable of.

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In Numbers.

The team may have been small but this enabled plenty of engagement and interaction from each guest.


Guests joined virtually from the UK & Ireland.


The ability to connect two different communities 9,000km apart


Happiness score from the team’s post-event feedback. 

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