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As one of the largest communications and integrated marketing agencies in the world, WE uses powerful communication strategies to inspire action.

Whilst working from home, we worked with WE over a series of experiences to inspire connection, curiosity and wonder.

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The Events

We created 4 events for WE Communications, each with a distinct theme and takeaway message.

Explore Rio de Janeiro

Duration: 60 minutes ⏰ 
Guest locations: Germany, UK, Netherlands 🌎 

Why this event?

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tokyo shrine

Explore Tokyo

Duration: 90 minutes ⏰ 
Guest locations: Singapore, China, Thailand 🌎 

Why this event?

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Explore Moscow

Duration: 90 minutes ⏰ 
Guest locations: Singapore 🌎 

Why this event?

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Explore Dubrovnik

Duration: 60 minutes ⏰ 
Guest locations: Singapore 🌎 

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WE Communications found us through a Google search and schedule a 15-minute discovery chat.

Working through their current situation and the objectives for their events, we made the process simple yet personalised.

  1. Discussion (15 mins)
  2. Proposal (24 hour turnaround)
  3. Booking (5 mins)
  4. Event execution (60-90 mins)
  5. Post-event feedback (48 hour turnaround)

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From the call with Amy, two clear problem statements emerged.

  1. Switching to remote work made it harder to bring the team together and celebrate milestones
  2. Shared moments, especially meaningful ones, now have to be consciously designed because there is a lack water cooler moments

”After switching to remote work, we needed help creating impactful gatherings to bring everyone together to celebrate milestones and create meaningful shared moments.”


WE Communications prioritises cultural understanding and learning by conducting annual retreats to build empathy amongst team members from various backgrounds.

  1. Budget
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Impact

πŸ’‘ Want to explore our full event planning & booking experience? Check it out here


Event Features


Icebreaker (10 mins)

1. Facilitated introduction by the event host
2. Speech from team leader
3. Session overview

Break the ice and ensure ever guest feels relaxed and engaged

Live Travel (45 mins)

1. Tour guide interaction with conversation, chat box, and polls
2. Choose your own adventure and route around the city
3. Answer quizzes and questions as we go

Encouraging self-expression through thematic dress, quirky virtual backgrounds, and personal stories.

Becoming immersed in the experience by sampling foods from each location.

Team Challenge (20 mins)

1. Break into teams of 5/6
2. Complete creative and fun problem-solving challenges
3. RandomDots facilitators room hopping to support the teams

Unlocking cross-departmental communication

Developing problem-solving through fun challenges related to each location

Wrap-up (5 mins)

1. Facilitator regroups all participants
2. Sharing favourite moments and highlights
3. WE team leader thank you speech

Rounding off the experience and collecting feedback from the participants which is shared with the organisers

Bringing back the magic of organic interactions

The events were centred around three core experience pillars

Team Quote

“Delicious snacks and a memory for everyone to keep!”

Event Highlights

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