33 Corporate Team Building Activities for 2022

Corporate team building activities (also often referred to as corporate team bonding) accomplish what marketing strives to do: bring people together in fresh and memorable ways.

When your team bonds, it improves communication skills that are essentials for your company’s success. 

Team building puts people in a relaxed environment and encourages them to communicate while accomplishing tasks. 

However, it can be tricky especially when typical team building tends to induce more eye rolls among teammates than high fives. Since team building is supposed to be educational and enjoyable, we need to explore inventive and creative ways to do this. 

But how do I do it?!

Below is the list of corporate team-building activities for the virtual and hybrid teams to laugh, learn and connect.

Enjoy! 😊

Activities For Virtual Teams

Virtual Ice Breaker 

Icebreaker questions get your team warmed up before rich collaboration.

Great for: creative thinking, team building, personal connection, communication, and trust.

What you need: a complete list of icebreaker questions, a willingness to share.

Keynote: while it’s beneficial for team building, icebreakers might not work for all occasions. Particularly, if it’s a formal meeting that involves high-level executives or a meeting that aims to address a crisis. It’s important to look at your target audience first before planning for icebreakers.

Things to explore: get to know your team better through deep and personal icebreaker questions!

Get Lost in Japan

Travel virtually to a mysterious neighborhood in Tokyo with your adventurous team!

Great for: culture & diversity, fun, team building

What you need: a live and interactive session with an expert host in Tokyo

Keynote: walk the streets of Tokyo with our expert guide and work together to uncover the location of the tour.

Things to explore: the wonders of Japanese culture

Virtual Visit to the Hidden Gems of Singapore 

Take your team on a journey through Singapore’s growth with our expert host by visiting the hidden gems of the little red dot.

Great for: culture & diversity, team building

What you need: a live tour & a performance in the streets of Singapore’s hidden gems.

Keynote: interact with the locals and dancers to co-create the performance experience together as a team.

Things to explore: an immersive theatrical dance performance that will unfold before your eyes.

live teambuilding tour in singapore
Live in the streets of Singapore!

Virtual Cocktail Competition

Make your live cocktail masterclass special by turning the event into a cocktail competition to let your team get creative with their spectacular drinks.

Great for: fun, creative thinking, team building

What you need: a live and interactive session with an expert mixologist that includes all ingredients, tools, and equipment to create the drinks.

Keynote: take your drinks to the next level by following your professional mixologist’s instructions closely. Encourage everyone to get creative with their drinks. For example, play with garnishes! Prepare an exciting prize for the most creative cocktail.

Things to explore: learn how to use all senses when creating and tasting drinks to balance flavors like the pros!

Team Trivia

Celebrate diversity and learn more about your team through Trivia Game Show!

Great for: fun, creative thinking, team building, communication.

What you need: a live and interactive session with a quiz master

Keynote: a Quiz Master will host the event live where they will guide contestants through 4 different rounds that are sure to keep everyone on their toes.

Things to explore: find out who among your employees is a trivia mastermind and who gave the funniest answers.

Write a Hit Record

Join a creative workshop with your team and get in the groove with our professional musicians!

Great for: fun, creative thinking, collaboration, team building.

What you need: lyrics that are written to your unique tracks, a live and interactive session with a team of musicians.

Keynote: our musicians will bring your lyrics to life. Depending on team size, we will break out into groups of 3/4 to write the song before returning and sharing our art. 

Things to explore: create a shareable piece of art together and get to know your team on a deeper level

songwriting team building event

Virtual Visit to the Magical City of Tehran

Take your team on a live visit into the land once known as Persia!

Great for: culture & diversity, team building, fun, historical knowledge

What you need: a live and interactive tour with your guide in Tehran.

Keynote: for this experience, your team will step into Tehran’s palaces, tea shops, and grand bazaar with our guide. Visit the UNESCO-protected Golestan Palace to see some of the world’s most elaborate structures. 

Things to explore: visit the UNESCO-protected Golestan Palace to see some of the world’s most elaborate structures and speak to locals who may well be the most hospitable people on earth. 

corporate team building tours
Explore some of the best street food markets in the world

The Office Olympics Championship

Get your employees to team up and compete together with this entertaining Office Olympics Championship!

Great for: Teamwork, collaboration, health & wellness, fun.

What you need: a live and interactive session with a game master

Keynote: for this experience, your team will complete a series of events to claim a podium spot.

Things to explore: you will use brains, physical strength, and collaboration to take home gold.

Virtual Culinary Adventure to Taipei

Unleash your team’s inner foodie and have a culinary adventure to one of the world’s trendiest cities!

Great for: culture & diversity, fun, teambuilding

What you need: a live and interactive tour with your guide in Taipei

Keynote: for this experience, your team will explore Taipei’s vibrant food market and hear directly from locals about their favorite dishes and the stories behind them.

Things to explore: hear directly from locals about their favorite dishes and the stories behind them. Learn the hilarious story of ‘boba’ bubble tea. 

Breathwork & Meditation for Productivity

Help everyone in your team feel refreshed and focused to improve productivity at work!

Great for: health, focus, and happiness.

What you need: a live and interactive session with your mindfulness coach.

Keynote: choose a refreshing 30 or 60-minute session for your team depending on the team schedule. Your very own meditation instructor will lead the team through the fundamentals of functional breathwork.

Things to explore: focus your attention on your breath, create feelings of openness, gratitude, clarity, communication, and connection.

Explore ‘The Game of Thrones’ in Croatia

Let’s go live into the streets of the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea and the shooting place for the Game of Thrones and Star Wars!

Great for: culture & diversity, fun, team building, historical knowledge

What you need: a live & interactive tour with your guide in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Keynote: travel virtually to Croatia and explore the streets and city life of Dubrovnik live in action from the comfort of your couch with a professional guide. Interact and chat with locals from different cultures. Collaborate with your team to solve puzzles to unlock the live tour stops.

Things to explore: Croatian Culture, Baroque and Gothic architecture, Game of Thrones scenes.

Delve Into the Chaos and the Beauty of Rio De Janeiro

Step into Rio’s favelas to experience the humanity, culture, and controversy of Brazil with your team!

Great for: culture & diversity, corporate team building, empathy

What you need: a live and interactive tour with your guide in Rio

Keynote: engage in the rich culture and history of the favelas in Rio with our local guide on a tour through his neighborhood, currently controlled by the Red Command, one of the most lethal criminal organizations in Brazil. Break your perceptions about social class and poverty by interacting with our local hosts.

Things to explore: the challenges, resilience, and creativity of the people living in the favelas. 

Hunting Unicorns in Silicon Valley

Take your team to the heart of the Startup world in Silicon Valley!

Great for: Inspiration, fun, team building.

What you need: a live and interactive tour with your guide in Silicon Valley.

Keynote: for this experience, your team will explore the streets and city life of Silicon Valley live in action from the comfort of your couch. See where and how the tech giants rose to fame (and the coffee shops they worked in)

Things to explore: The innovative and collaborative story of the Valley.

Virtual Escape Room

Work together with your team members to escape the plague-ridden city by interacting with real-world clues!

Great for: fun, collaboration, team building, decision making

What you need: a live and interactive session with a game master.

Keynote: get teleported live into a mystery location with your game master, where you are on an international run from the fast & deadly spread of a new plague. 

Things to explore: collaborate with your team to solve a range of challenges and compete against other teams to claim the fastest escape time.

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Activities For Hybrid Teams

​​Fix Your Desk Posture

Find out how to combat poor postures with a live and interactive session with your professional trainer!

Great for: physical health, wellness, productivity

What you need: a live and interactive session with a qualified fitness instructor 

Keynote: choose from 30 or 60 minutes class length. Our trainer will tailor the routine to fit each guest’s current fitness level and provide detailed technical support. Perfect for all fitness levels!

Things to explore: a combination of mobility and strength, designed for desk job professionals with rounded shoulders, strained necks, and inactive glutes.

Time to Play Outdoors!

A game that leads your teams outside to make people move while enjoying the fresh air will be better remembered by your hybrid teams. 

Great for: fun, team building, health & wellness.

What you need: fun outdoor games to play using GPS-enabled smartphones

Keynote: with the right tools, you can convince the player to go outside, walk a certain distance and they would unlock rewards.

Things to explore: new types of gameplay that blend the digital and analog worlds.

‘Rose, Thorn, Bud’

Help your teams to reflect together and be mindful of ‘rose, thorn, bud’ they have experienced!

Great for: trust, empathy, hybrid team building, team chemistry, communication.

What you need: participants who are willing to reflect a little more deeply than typical icebreakers.

Keynote: people take turns sharing a ‘rose’ as something positive or inspiring they recently experienced, a ‘thorn’ as something challenging or discouraging, and a ‘bud’ as something new or promising.

Things to explore: encourage your teams to open up about what’s on their minds at work or in their personal lives

Movie-themed Costume Contest

Boost your team’s creativity through a fun movie-themed costume contest!

Great for: fun, creative thinking, collaboration, hybrid team building

What you need: a list of your team’s favorite movie

Keynote: create a list of your team’s favorite movies and let them decide their favorite characters that they want to embody. Submit photos of everyone dressed up and have everyone vote on the most creative one. 

Things to explore: encourage your teams to be memorable and unique through DIY costume making.

Office Talent Show

An office talent show reveals the other sides of your employees and lets everyone shines.

Great for: fun, creativity, hobbies, collaboration, hybrid team building

What you need: a list of talent show participants, talent show ideas, exciting prize

Keynote: this event works both online and offline. For best results, appoint someone to become an emcee on your in-site event or hire a host to organize a session on zoom.  To add extra fun, run the event as a competition and have your team members vote for the best performance.

Things to explore: your hybrid team’s hidden talents.

Hometown Tours

A DIY virtual group tour created by your team members by showing off their actual neighborhood. Have a mini adventure and explore your hometown like a traveler!

Great for: team chemistry, communication, creative thinking, trust

What you need: hometown tours participants, reels of video footage, or pictures of their actual neighborhood.

Keynote: task participants to take videos and pictures of their homes, towns, and communities to speak about the local places they are most passionate about, share stories about their neighborhood traditions and things that make them special.

Things to explore: make it more interactive by asking participants to have a chit-chat with locals about their neighborhood or lead a tutorial activity that relates to their hometown.

Lunch Club

Bond over delicious food and fulfill your inner foodie’s curiosity!

Great for: fun, hybrid team building, communication

What you need: find a destination to have lunch together with your coworkers or host a virtual lunch party

Keynote: the agenda to pick a new place to eat provides an instant opportunity for conversations and to share the “trying this restaurant for the first time” moment. 

Things to explore: turn your lunch club into a precious moment of ‘getting to know each other’.

Pen Pals

Pen Pals is one of the simplest team-building activities for hybrid teams that still feel personal and engaging.

Great for: creative thinking, team chemistry, communication, collaboration

What you need: a pen pal program, themes for the letters, virtual gifts ideas

Keynote: set a minimum frequency of your pen pal program, collect addresses of willing participants, pair participants to send letters with optional virtual gifts.

Things to explore: infuse your unique perspectives on each letter to encourage relationships along with learning.

Adventure Club

Start an adventurous tradition based on your hybrid team’s interests. 

Great for: fun, health & wellness, collaboration, teamwork

What you need: find an adventure for Singapore, US & UK team-based or host a virtual tiny campfire

Keynote: You can do anything you want, from hiking to the beach hoping–no matter what activity you choose, you’ll bond during the event.  

Things to explore: turn the adventure trip into the office family tradition.

What Makes You Ticked Off

Learn about each other’s personalities in your team and see what kind of personalities will clash!

Great for: empathy, teamwork, trust, collaboration, and communication

What you need: simple personality tests like DISC or True Colors

Keynote: Appoint a speaker from your team to describe the different personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Plan on how potential clashes can be avoided.

Things to explore: learning what motivates and demotivates other team members is helpful to succeed in work and personal interaction.

Nostalgia Party

Have your teams dress for their favorite decade and play a mix of the best music from each generation!

Great for: fun, team chemistry, hybrid team building, collaboration.

What you need: participants who are willing to have fun and play dress up in a nostalgic team, good food, and good music or host a virtual dress party.

Keynote: break your teams into 2-3 groups (depends on the number of your employees). Each group will represent one decade/generation–The Roaring ‘20s, The Golden Age ‘50s, The Flower Power ‘60s, The Rise of Disco ’70s, The New Wave 8’0s, The Millenials 90’s. Don’t forget to play a mix of the best music from each generation to hype up the crowd!

Things to explore: vote for the best costumes of each decade.

Selfie Games

A party game featuring your faces on your chosen shared screen!

Great for: fun, hybrid team building

What you need: an internet connection for everybody to join the game, selfie games

Keynote: players take selfies, add sketches and write hilarious captions. The goal is to guess the originality of ‘the selfie work’

Things to explore: vote for the most hilarious caption and the most artistic sketch!

Get Inspired in Tel Aviv

Inspire wonder with a live adventure in the streets of Tel Aviv.

Great for: inspiration, creative thinking, innovation

What you need: explore the startup capital, Tel Aviv

Keynote: Tune in to this live experience from home or a conference room in the office. Tel Aviv is a city on the cutting edge of innovation, second only to Silicon Valley in the number of unicorn startups. Your team will be inspired and delighted as we explore the city in real-time.

Things to explore: promote innovation and creativity within your team.

Two Truth and a Lie

A classic game to learn about yourself and your coworkers.

Great for: fun, empathy, communication, creative thinking, hybrid team building

What you need: paper and pen if you play it offline.

Keynote: to start, participants have to write three statements about themselves; all of them won’t be true– two of the statements given should be true and one should be a lie. Have everyone guess which statement is a lie and reveal the right answers.

Things to explore: participants learn about others and also learn about themselves through the lies they thought were true.

What’s on Your Desk

Great for: communication, creative thinking, collaboration, problem-solving 

What you need: one item from your desk that will be a product you’re about to sell, branding ideas

Keynote: ask your team member to choose one item from their desk that is going to be their ‘new product’. Give them a set amount of time to come up with a name, log, slogan, and marketing plan for that object. This activity could be done individually or in small groups. Spare two minutes presentation on their product and discuss which products were successfully sold and why.

Things to explore: this activity brings the challenge of seeing old things in a new light.  When conducted in groups, it boosts teamwork and brainstorming skills.

Karaoke Night

Get ready to let loose and sing your heart out on a fun office karaoke night!

Great for: hybrid team building, creativity, fun

What you need: smart tv, good quality mics, or a karaoke machine for offline events, host a virtual karaoke night for online events.

Keynote: music brings everyone together and karaoke night is a good starting point to bond with your coworkers through music duet, solo singing, or even lipsync. 

Things to explore: your coworker’s favorite jam or their heart-break songs.

Dog Day 

Did you know that having dogs at the workplace can boost your productivity?

Let your teams bring their dogs to work, most people are happier when there’s a furry friend around.

Great for: fun, happiness, team chemistry, hybrid team building

What you need: check with your coworkers who are having dog allergies, puppy-proof the office

Keynote: implement a buddy system that agrees to be responsible for the dog when the owner is in a meeting or restroom. 

Things to explore: if it is impossible to do it IRL, turn it into a virtual experience by creating a dog-themed Slack channel.

Penny For Your Thoughts

A quick icebreaker to loosen up team members before the meeting or team-building activity.

Great for: ice-breaker, fun, trust, empathy, communication, hybrid team-building

What you need: penny coins

Keynote: prepare a total of five pennies that is no more than 15 years old for each person. Instruct each person to share something unique or significant that happened to them in that year. Allow a couple of minutes to think of something to share before starting this activity.

Things to explore: if someone can’t think of anything significant from the year of their coin, encourage them to describe what was going on in their life at that time, hobbies, and career.

Do Good Feel Good

A team-building experience that gives back to the community makes participants feel good about themselves and the work they achieved.

Great for: empathy, collaboration, team-building

What you need: participants who are willing to give back, details about a charity

Keynote: have participants submit details about a charity they’re associated with or someone in the community they know who is in need. Evaluate which causes your team can help serve and plan a day of giving back.

Things to explore: something extraordinary happens when people come together to accomplish a goal for the good of others, especially in these hard times.

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Closing Thoughts

What we love about these corporate team-building activities is that team members get to work together on exciting and challenging activities. It is also a good opportunity for leaders to spotlight their team’s skills and talents. 

Adopting virtual team-building activities is proven to be effective across hybrid teams and essential to strengthen team bonds. When organizations care about their employee and value their contribution to the team, greater productivity follows. 

Let’s bring fun to your workplace by engaging in the right team-building activities!

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