Our Story

We are Marc and Anna, after matching on Tinder, our first meeting involved a SG bike with one of us sitting in the toddler seat… don’t ask, it was dope.

RandomDots started out life in January 2020 by providing people with a spark of joy on the weekend in Singapore. After running round the city asking people to fill in our market survey, we reached out to friends asking if we could plan a weekend day out based on their personality.

The initial results were promising.

To test this weird idea out further, we began renting market stalls at Camp Kilo to see if we could convince strangers to try out our service.

Then Covid-19 Happened…

Sending people on surprise adventures around this wonderful city was no longer an option. So we had to consider pausing the project and waiting it out or making a pivot.

The question we kept asking ourselves was, how can we keep the essence of RandomDots alive?

After talking to our friends and partners who are being severely impacted by the lack of passing trade, we were intent on doing all we could to help. After bouncing around ideas and repeatedly asking ourselves;

“Why can’t we bring an experience to people’s homes?”

“One Saturday night, I try out their #StayHome experience, which includes a meal, cocktail kit and surprise activity… With travel, as with everyday life, it is the people that prove most memorable.”

– Clara Lock, Straits Times

Creating a brand new experience every week was a mixture of fun, stress, and relief (when things went to plan).

We have since taken our virtual event design experience and applied it to teams.

Corporate teams from Singapore, USA, and, the UK have since trusted us to create experiences that offer a moment of joy in what has been a testing time.

From live tours of Taipei, to art classes, each experience has been created with the teams objective in mind.


Happy virtual experience guests 😄


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