Explore the Mysteries of Red Square, Moscow

Live & Interactive tour with your guide in Moscow, Russia.

Curious about the sights and stories of Russia’s capital? Come with us on an immersive journey. 

Trip highlights:

  1. Explore Red Square, a UNESCO world heritage site
  2. Check out Lenin’s Mausoleum and Putin’s residence
  3. Go in search of Alenka, the infamous Soviet chocolate (and other Russian delicacies)
  4. Marvel at colourful Saint Basil’s Cathedral

For this experience, the team will:

  1. Virtually travel abroad to Russia and explore the streets and city life of Moscow live in action from the comfort of your couch with a professional guide.
  2. Decide together with your team where you would like the guide to take you and unlock hidden adventures and challenges.
  3. Interact and converse with locals from different cultures.

Suitable for:

Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

Duration: 60 minutes

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