45+ Virtual Team Building Activities in Singapore: The Complete Guide

As a team of virtual experience designers that are based in Singapore, we are always looking for exciting yet effective virtual team building activities in Singapore and beyond.

Planning a virtual team bonding event can be challenging in many ways: considering factors such as impact, budget, and scheduling.

We have curated the list of impactful virtual team building activities– specially crafted for Singapore and some ideas that will virtually keep your remote team engaged and connected.

We divided the categories based on the popular interest in virtual experiences.

Be it for fun & games, keep-fit buffs,  foodie, culture enthusiasts, as well as for growth and creativity, to navigate you in finding the most impactful virtual team building activities.

Let’s dive in!

Live Virtual Travel 🔥

Live Virtual Travel is the perfect remote activity for culture enthusiasts. Witnessing and becoming immersed in different cultures, learning about the challenge and creativity of the local people. All of these benefits, from the comfort of your home.

Check out this list of live virtual travel to promote cultural diversity and inclusion in your team building activity.

1. Learn about the Magical City of Tokyo

Japan is top of everyone’s must-visit list.

Take a live virtual trip with your team through the ancient streets of Asakusa, Tokyo’s oldest district. On our 60-minute visit, hosted by a professional guide, we will see everything from Mochi, the Skytree, to ancient temples. This experience has been enjoyed by teams from Kantar, LinkedIn, and Google.

Learn more: Explore Japan Virtually

2. Explore the Chaos & Beauty of Rio De Janeiro

Despite the evident social problems, tours of favelas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro have become popular tourist attractions in recent years. Guided by warm-hearted locals who live in the favelas, this live and interactive tour will take your team to experience the humanity, culture, and controversy of Brazil. In this virtual experience, your team will learn about the challenges, resilience, and creativity of the people living in the favelas and break the stigma about social class and poverty.

Learn more: Explore the Chaos & Beauty of Rio De Janeiro

3. Dive into the Magical City of Tehran

Once known as Persia, Iran may not be considered a popular travel destination. But many travel to Iran to experience the delights of the ancient Persian Empire. The highlights of this live and interactive tour are visiting the UNESCO-protected Golestan Palace in the heart and historic core of Tehran. Your team will step into Tehran’s palaces, tea shops, and grand bazaar, spanning over 10km with every item you can imagine for sale.

Learn more: Dive into the Magical City of Tehran

4. Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

In this live session hosted by a professional guide in the streets of Taipei, you will explore parts of the city, temples, and culture for a traditional holiday of Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival). Dragon Boat Festival is a folk festival that is full of traditions and superstitions. It has been celebrated for over 2000 years when Chinese people practice various customs to dispel disease and invoke good health. Some of the most traditional customs include dragon boat racing and eating sticky rice dumplings, also known as Zongzi. To enhance this experience, we prepare rice dumplings (Zongzi) delivered to your team’s doorstep by request (available in Singapore).

Learn more: Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

5. Visit Tel Aviv, the Startup Capital of The World

Titled the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ by the New York Times, Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Not to mention a buzzing cultural scene, incredible food, and UNESCO recognized architecture that this white city has built.

For this interactive virtual journey, your team will explore the heart of Tel Aviv to learn about how the city of ‘old & new’, has become an international startup hotspot. The virtual experience goes beyond witnessing the streets and city life of Tel Aviv live in action or immersing in the diverse and rich Israeli culture, food and history. Your team will get the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with local entrepreneurs in this Startup Nation.

Learn more: Visit Tel Aviv ‘The Startup Capital’

6. Hunting Unicorns in Silicon Valley

If you want to feel inspired by the innovative and collaborative spirit of the high-tech workers in Silicon Valley, this will be the kind of experience that fits you.

The interactive and live tour will take your team to the core of the startup world where Google, Facebook, PayPal were built here. From the Stanford campus through the HP garage, your team will see where and how the tech giants rose to fame and even the coffee shops they worked in.

Learn more: Hunting Unicorns in Silicon Valley

7. Step into the Past, Present and Future of Singapore

Singapore is a modern city that always fascinates business and leisure travelers due to its multiculturalism. The mix of expats and locals brings a vibrant fusion of different cultures, food, and experiences to be had in the city. This virtual journey will take your team through Singapore’s growth by visiting the hidden gems of the little red dot. The highlight of the live tour is an immersive theatrical dance performance that will unfold before your eyes.

Learn More: Step into the Past, Present and Future of Singapore

A team of Googlers in Singapore!

8. Explore ‘The Game of Thrones’ Kingdom in Croatia

Croatia is home to some of the world’s most reminiscent Medieval architecture and makes a great stage for King’s Landing ‘Game of Thrones’. In this virtual journey to the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, your team will explore the streets and city life of Dubrovnik, walk amongst Baroque and Gothic architecture as well as soak in all the curious tales from history in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Shame, shame, shame!

Learn more: Explore ‘The Game of Thrones Kingdom.

9. Remote Movie Night

A shared movie night is a simple team building activity for remote teams and accessible for almost everyone. This activity is similar to a virtual book club but with less effort as it takes less time to watch a movie than it does to read a book. Have team members nominate and vote on movies they want to watch.

To make the movie night more fruitful, open discussion and interpretation afterward.

remote movie night
Okay, who chose Forest Gump, again…

Virtual Team Building Games

“A team that plays together, stays together”

10. Virtual Escape Room

Way back in the days before social distancing, escape rooms offered a fun way to entertain guests and increase team-building skills. Now, virtual escape rooms have become more and more popular during the new normal. This game has a mysterious and dynamic storyline for each room. Teams solve riddles, complete puzzles in a fixed amount of time, and find hidden clues to escape the room. The goal is to encourage team building and it offers a great opportunity for your team to collaborate and use their problem-solving skills.

Learn more: Escape the Plague – Live Escape Room.

escape room team building
Are your team ready to take the challenge?

11. Virtual Trivia Night

A trivia game challenges your team’s general knowledge while creating an engaging atmosphere. According to psychologist John Kounis, winning trivia games helps release dopamine in the brain which is great for mental health. Our virtual trivia game show offers many inclusive options of your choice to celebrate diversity and learn more about your team.

This live event will be hosted and guided by Quiz Master through 4 different rounds. The questions can take categories like pop culture, history, geography, sports, and more. The idea of virtual trivia is to promote fun, engagement, and team building with your remote team.

Learn more: Team Trivia

12. Virtual Amazing Race

Inspired by the Amazing Race, this interactive and fun remote activity lets your team travel around the globe to complete challenges and earn the most points. The challenges will require the team to collaborate in solving clues and AI-powered puzzles with an exciting storyline and engaged in a totally immersive virtual environment. Virtual Amazing race energizes your remote team, boosts morale, and helps them practice effective teamwork in fun and exciting ways.

13. Typing Speed Race

If you want to implement a little friendly competition between team members, typing speed race can be an exciting addition to your remote activity. The competition will be much more exciting if there’s a little grand prize for the winner– think of something like free delivery lunch for the day. It’s time to find out who has the lightning fingers in your team! To play typing speed race:

  • Get each employee to take the same typing test on typingtest.com
  • Ask them to post the results on the team’s message board
  • Announce the winner

14. Virtual Office Olympics 🔥

The Tokyo Olympics is upon us!

Ready to break into small teams and go for gold? The Office Olympics is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with your team. Challenges that require teamwork and creativity await as the team battle it out through a series of events.

Learn more: Virtual Office Olympics

office olympics championship
Olympics season fun!

15. Virtual Werewolf

Werewolf is a social deduction game that is perfect for building closer friendships and relationships. This game gets more fun the more you play with the same group because the more times you play, the more you can learn about each person’s playstyle and try to understand how they behave. What makes werewolf interesting is that it is full of cunning deceit and tactful manipulation. The game depends primarily on the spoken word, which makes it perfect for remote teams.

Learn more: Virtual Werewolf

16. Guess The Emoji Board

Emojis are everywhere these days, from personal texts to work emails. But do you know which ones your coworkers use most often and why? To play “Guess The Emoji Board”:

  • Each team member should take a screenshot of their frequently used emojis and share it with the group.
  • Within 5 minutes or more, each person should guess the top 5 used emojis of their coworkers.
  • When time runs out, reveal the answers and award points based on accuracy.
  • Infuse fun and curiosity to find out the reasons behind using the funniest or most unique emojis.
emoji board team game

17. Virtual Show & Share

Show & Share is an incredibly simple virtual activity that any team can recreate. Not only it promotes public speaking skills and storytelling, but this exercise also gives a moment for each of your team members to speak, to be heard, and to be known in different ways. You can begin by asking your team to prepare an object (that is meaningful for them) and describing “the why”.

Next, give a chance for the rest of the team to respond or to ask a follow-up question. To make it really successful, keep the question as open-ended as possible. Encourage creativity and expect self-expression in this activity. Having your employees share something about their lives builds trust and deepens connections as a team.

18. Virtual Murder Mystery

Some of the stories people love best are murder mysteries, stories about death, and havoc. According to psychology today, murder mysteries may act as fairy tales for adults. People love murder mysteries because they are redemptive, they give hope and help us move from fear to reassurance. For your remote activity, a murder mystery party is a fun and thrilling way to spend time with coworkers. This game promotes critical thinking and presentation skills and is helpful for developing team building skills.

Learn more: Murder Mystery Party

19. Guess The Movie

Another easy and simple remote activity to play on Zoom, perfect for the film buffs in your team. To play Guess The Movie:

  • Curate a YouTube playlist with movie scenes. Use keywords: best movie scenes of all time or top movie clips.
  • When you play the clip, make sure that you don’t reveal the title and mute all the participants
  • Ask the players to submit the title of the movie in the chatbox
  • The winner is the first person who guesses the film correctly.

Virtual Team Building Activities for Foodies

“Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food”

20. Virtual Mixology Class

Think of a virtual mixology class as a hands-on alternative to a traditional happy hour. With the guidance of a professional mixologist, your team will learn the secrets to create luscious drinks at home and escalate your happy hour to the next level. In our Live Cocktail Masters class, all ingredients and tools are delivered directly to your door ahead of the event.

The most important part of hosting a virtual mixology class is to encourage people to have fun with it. Maybe, you will end up creating your own signature company cocktail?

Learn more: Live Cocktail Masterclass

cocktail masterclass
Russell Reynolds competing on ‘the most creative garnish’

21. Virtual Cooking Class

Through online cooking classes, your teams are given the space to share a fun and savory moment together– from the safety of their own kitchens. Have hands-on experience with the talented Singaporean chef. Learning how to cook the best Asian dishes such as Malaysian Nasi Lemak, Singaporean Noodles, Laksa, Chinese Dim Sum, Indian Biryani, Satay, and many more.

Learn more: Wok ’n’ Stroll Virtual Cooking Class

22. Virtual Baking Class

Cooking is an essential skill because everyone needs to eat, but baking is different. No one needs a chocolate cake to survive until desserts are exactly what you need to relieve stress.  A lot of people find baking so meditative that they do it on a regular basis. In baking class Singapore, you will learn how to bake old-fashioned cakes which are considered as all-time favorite snacks and bring delightful memories. Who doesn’t love carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or triple chocolate brownies? A basic kitchen setup is needed for this class.

Learn more: Virtual Baking Class Singapore

23. Virtual Culinary Tour

If it’s a taste of local cuisine you’re after, sit back and enjoy a live and interactive escape to Taiwan as one of the world’s trendiest cities. For this virtual culinary tour, your team will explore Taipei’s vibrant food market, hear directly from locals about their favorite dishes and the story about them as well as learn the hilarious story of ‘boba’ bubble tea.

Learn more: The Sights and Smells of Taipei

24. Virtual Coffee Session

Virtual Coffee Session can be used to divide the flow of a virtual meeting in a way that helps restore energy and create engagement. To run an effective Virtual Coffee Session, keep it between 15 and 30 minutes, include actual coffee or tea and use breakout rooms to encourage more discussion.

The purpose of this activity is to bring your people together while learning about coffee from a barrister or do a coffee or tea tasting with new and exotic flavors. Another insight, virtual coffee sessions can be a unique virtual team building activity for the morning crowd.

Learn More: Virtual Coffee Tasting Session

Ideas for Culture Enthusiasts

“Every man’s ability may be strengthened by culture”

25. Virtual book Club

The purpose of a book club is to promote critical thinking and build a positive habit of discussion. It encourages your team to form their own opinions and build confidence in bringing up ideas on team projects as well. To make it interesting but still effective, be flexible and educative about the reading topics.

You can choose books that support your company culture or promote workplace diversity for one event and swap to just-for-fun books for the next virtual book club. Have your team members collaborate in choosing the topics, timeline, and ground rules of the book club. Creating a virtual book club for remote teams is a fun and meaningful way to connect.

Learn More: Rebel Book Club

Virtual Team Building for Keep-Fit Buffs

“Nourish to Flourish”

26. Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges are simple ways to encourage employees to have healthy behaviors. It can be something like “Drink More Water”, “Sleep 7 Hours” or “Eat Your Greens”. The challenges can be completed in teams or as individuals. Your team can target an unlimited number of health behaviors.

The next step, maintain the progress of your wellness challenge through a spreadsheet to keep everyone on track.  Everyone’s a winner in this challenge because they all get healthier and have fun with the challenge.

27. Team Calorie Blast at Home

Working out is more fun when you have others to go on a fitness journey with you. In this live and interactive workout session, your team will be guided by a personal trainer who is an expert in the field of movement.  The live session can be held over 30 or 60 minutes depending on your team schedule. Your personal trainer will tailor the routine to fit each guest’s current fitness level and provide detailed technical support. Your team will do a high intensity the right way with challenging exercises targeted at getting results and giving you an amazing workout every time. No equipment needed and perfect for all fitness levels.

Learn more: Team Calorie Blast at Home

28. Virtual Team Yoga

Besides being excellent for team-building, yoga has the power to balance your body and mind. From increased flexibility, improved posture, and increased muscle strength to lowered stress levels and deepen mindfulness. This is beneficial for your team on a personal level and a professional level.

Virtual team yoga is fantastic as it promotes wellbeing while having fun with your remote team. Make sure the camera is on as it will definitely double the fun.

29.  Breathwork & Meditation for Productivity

One of the great things about mindfulness meditation is its simplicity. Mindfulness meditation can be done almost anywhere, any time. The goal is to keep all of your attention on the current moment, rather than on the tasks, deadlines, and anxious thoughts that take up your energy and attention most of the time. It is consistently practiced by focusing on your breath.

Set to an amazing playlist, this breathing session is designed to help your team maximize their potential by creating an adrenal effect that stimulates focus, increases energy, and reduces distracting thinking patterns.

The duration of this session is flexible, between a refreshing 30 or 60-minute session, depending on the team schedule. Your mindfulness coach will lead the team through the essentials of breathwork, helping everyone feel refreshed and focused for the workday.

Learn more: Breathwork & Meditation for Productivity

30. Set Wellbeing Reminders

While this is not a form of virtual team building activity, wellbeing reminders are a daily affirmation that reminds your team that they are supported and have the ability to move forward. It’s a short positive message during the workday to keep everyone going and support their mental health. Can be as simple as reminding everyone to eat properly, fix their posture, drink water regularly or take a small break when needed. The idea is to constantly remind them about the importance of work-life balance.

31. Fix Your Desk Posture

Prolonged sitting creates a number of general health problems. This class focuses on a combination of mobility and strength, designed for desk job professionals with rounded shoulders, strained necks, and inactive glutes. The class length is between 30-60 minutes and your team will be guided by a professional trainer with detailed technique support and programs that accommodate all fitness levels. Keep in mind that good posture is an important part of your long-term health.

Learn more: Fix Your Desk Posture

32. Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are a form of team building exercise that can provide a better sense of self-awareness which is good for supporting mental health. It reveals insights into an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Results from the test can inform which colleagues might work well together or what tasks an employee may enjoy and excel at. The key is to gain a deeper understanding between team members, increase team effectiveness and create a happier working environment.

Learn more: Free Personality Test

33. Clean Desk Challenge

It is said that a cluttered desk kills your productivity. When your space is filled up with things you haven’t organized, it will drain energy and focus. So, maintaining a tidy workspace is important to promote focus and mental health. One simple way is to launch a clean desk challenge.

Encourage your remote team to take a few minutes every morning to declutter before they begin work and at the end of each workday, ask participants to upload photos of their clean desks to your communication channel. The challenge will be much more exciting if there’s an award of a prize for the person with the cleanest desk pictures.

34. Virtual SaberFit

Virtual SaberFit is a combination of saber striking techniques with fitness exercises to create a kick-ass workout that is fun and engaging for team building. This 45 min full-body toning experience incorporates various cardio, plyometrics, core, and abdominal exercises. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to burn calories, build stamina and increase general fitness. As participants are able to go at their own pace, this activity is suitable for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts.

Learn more: Virtual SaberFit Singapore

35. Team Wellness Emails

Team wellness emails are messages that act as a reminder for remote teams to take care of themselves and each other and assure your team members that you care. Wellness emails can highlight topics such as work from home wellbeing, working with proper desk posture, and easy home workouts. This is one of the easiest team building ideas that you can implement to promote employee wellness in your company culture.

Growth & Creativity Team Building Ideas

“Creativity; the more you use, the more you have”

36. Write a Song Together

When we talk about building community and creating shared memories, nothing could be more impactful than writing a song together.

As difficult as it may sound, the process, when structured is rather easy. Each sub-group of 4/5 members will be guided by a musician to write the verses and a chorus to a completely unique melody. The team can keep their original recording (no singing skills required).

Here is a sample track one team from Singapore Management University wrote together: Pandemic Love.

Learn more: Write a Hit Record

Songwriting team building
It was a hit!

37. Virtual Painting Party

A virtual painting party is a form of art therapy for teams to bond and have fun. This activity is best done with guidance from an art instructor that will be showcasing the painting techniques and the medium use. Make sure that all materials are prepared, packed, and delivered to your team’s doorstep prior to the virtual workshop. At the end of the class, everyone can show off their work of art.

Learn more: Virtual Canvas Painting Workshop

38. Spreadsheet Pixel Art

One easy and free way to infuse creativity into your virtual team building activity is through making pixel art using a google spreadsheet. Pixel art is a form of digital art where images are edited on pixel level.

Learn more: Google Sheets Pixel Art

39. Pitch Workshop

Pitching is the art of storytelling. It’s a super important skill yet we are never taught this in traditional education. If you want to learn the art and science behind a good pitch, a pitch workshop is a good place to start. This live session is held over 60 – 120 minutes depending on the number of your team members.

Our host is an experienced startup mentor who will use the Stanford NABC pitching method to arm your team with essential communication tools. This is a great opportunity for your team to learn the fundamentals of making a good pitch and collaborate to come up with a compelling pitch for the chosen product.

Learn more: Pitch Workshop

40. DIY Craft Challenge

This can be a spontaneous activity with no advanced preparation. To play, set 30 minutes for each person to build something from materials available at home. Think of easy DIY crafts like nature prints, pasta art, or upcycling a tin can. The idea of the DIY Craft Challenge is not to build a serious kind of art but rather to spark creativity and give your team a fun way to interact together.

41. Master Visual Communication

The rise of the remote work trend has confirmed that the future of communication is visual. In a world of non-physical interaction, visual storytelling becomes a vital tool to make a real impact. That is to say, we must level up our communication skills as our medium of engagement changes. In this virtual workshop, your team will learn the fundamentals of visual communication in a clear, accessible manner. Drawing skills are not necessary for this workshop, making it suitable for all participants.

Learn more: Master Visual Communication

42. Virtual Campfire

This experience is called virtual campfire because it includes camp activities such as ghost stories, s’mores making, and singing along. It’s an exciting activity to boost creativity and bond together. Sharing memories of a warm summer night in the comfort of your own home. Also, an online bonfire does emphasize a sense of community.

43. Transformative Comedy

This experience is perfect for a team looking to build a stronger rapport with each other and clients using humor as a communication tool. In the live session guided by our comedian instructor, your team will learn to use tools and skills that standup comedians and improvisers use to think fast, engage and collaborate. The best part of this team building workshop is (of course) sharing many laughs and witty exchanges.

Learn more: Transformative Comedy

44. Online Art Class

If the goal of your remote activity is to express creative energy during a workday, pick an online art class. Most virtual art classes involve some form of video content and activities that help you apply the lessons learned. Your team can even learn drawing online for free by taking advantage of some platform’s free tiers.

Start with platforms like Draw with Pixar, Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems, or Skillshare.

45. Virtual Costume Party

Virtual Costume Party can be implemented in a form of a contest in which your remote team will compete on who has the best costume. To boost your team’s creative energy, pick themes like ”most imaginative costume”, “famous dead people”, “animal kingdom” or any themes that suit your team’s interests the most. Organizing the event by choosing themes, offering prizes helps your team to prepare better.

46. Creative Writing Prompt

A writing prompt is a topic around which you start writing ideas. This can be a great remote activity to increase your team’s creativity and make them see the world in a way they’ve never imagined.

Let their mind wander while the creative juice flows or stick to a certain subject that is relevant to your company culture. Make it simple and short yet sweet and meaningful. At the end of the activity, compile the files in one shared folder and encourage each team member to follow up and respond to each other’s stories.

Final Thoughts

Remote work loneliness and isolation arise as a result of physical and emotional distance. We are social creatures by nature–thus when employees feel isolated, it will have an effect not only on engagement and morale but on both mental and physical health. This is why it’s essential to create a happy team environment that remote workers can rely on.

Virtual team building efforts developed in several intentionally designed strategies and experiences such as games and activities.

It is meant to bring more human interaction to virtual work that helps remote teams connect with each other–bringing a strong sense of community. When team leaders can meet the basic needs of engagement, the casualty can turn into innovation that assists the team and organization thrive.

Have a wonderful team bonding experience and let us know your most favourite virtual team building activities!

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