14 Virtual Women’s History Month Event Ideas

Throughout March, you may immerse yourself in a variety of inspiring female-centric virtual events from the comfort of your own home to capture and celebrate the spirit of Women’s History Month.

Whether that means joining an eye-opening Women’s History Month virtual experience to spark conversation within your team or swapping stories of inspirational women, these virtual events allow you to learn and be inspired by all the courageous women in history.

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott – Rosa Parks

According to the official National Women’s History Alliance (NWHA), the 2022 Women’s History theme is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope”. It is a tribute to the caregivers and frontline workers who have worked tirelessly throughout this ongoing pandemic.

A recognition of the thousands of ways women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history.

Hearing the remarkable stories in these virtual Women’s History Month events will perhaps inspire you to be as firm in your beliefs as these pioneers were.

Virtual Women’s History Month Events Summary 🎉

Leftover Women of China
Female Cosmonauts of the USSR
Concert for Freedom Iran
Women’s History Month Trivia
Virtual Gifts For Female Colleagues
Swapping Stories of Inspirational Women
Take an Office Field Trip
Game Night
Virtual Women’s Happy Hour
Watch Female TED Talks
Host a Women’s Day Party
Host a Virtual Watch Party
Online Exhibition
Thank You Messages

1. Leftover Women of China

Women in China are constantly under pressure to forgo personal career goals to meet and marry a partner. We’ll head to the Shanghai marriage market with our local guide to understand the cultural tension between tradition and pursuing aspirations.

An enlightening Women’s History Month event designed to encourage discussion among your team members.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

2. Cosmonauts of the USSR

To commemorate Women’s History Month, we invite you to learn about the first Soviet and Russian female cosmonauts who bravely pioneered spaceflight and opened the path for girls worldwide. You’ll learn about their accomplishments and setbacks. They were risking their lives to alter the course of spaceflight forever.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

3. Concert for Freedom, Iran

Take a journey inside the lives of Tehran’s female artists. Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to recognize women’s bravery. This story exemplifies women’s constant difficulties performing their art and expressing themselves freely.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

4. Women’s History Month Trivia

How well do you know the trailblazing women in history? One of the best Women’s Day competition ideas for remote teams is Women’s History Month Trivia. A quiz master will host the event, guiding players through four different rounds that are certain to keep everyone on their toes.

Points are recorded between each of the four rounds, with the final round determining the winning team! The event honors great female individuals throughout history while entertaining and challenging coworkers with small games and pop quizzes.

Take a Women’s History Month Quiz for a warmup!

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worthless”

Myra Pollack Sasker (Professor, Author, Researcher, and Activist)

5. Virtual Gifts For Female Colleagues

Women’s History Month is the right time to honor your female colleagues and virtual gift can be one great way to show it. When you give a gift to a coworker, you’re expressing your gratitude and appreciation for the connections and partnerships you have with them.

Whether it’s practical stuff, a personalized one, or a delicious one, gifts are valuable since they mean a lot to your coworkers. Check out our recommendation of virtual gifts ideas for remote teams.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

Get a Customized Women’s History Month Virtual Background

6. Swapping Stories of Inspirational Women

Women’s Day can be celebrated at work by exchanging stories of women who have influenced you. To begin a meeting, you may either use this exercise as an icebreaker or encourage coworkers to contribute stories on their own time. Slack channels and group chats are great places for employees to share and respond to each other’s stories.

Coworkers recount women who have had a positive impact on their lives. For example, a story can be about a well-known person like an artist, historical figure, or celebrity, or it can be about a person’s mentors or friends. Employees can also share inspiring news stories. Encourage team members to respond to one another’s stories to make the activity more engaging.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

7. Take an Office Field Trip

Taking your staff on a virtual office field trip strengthens team bonds and brings the “outside” in to innovate together. Ideas can be generated by exposing your team to new places and people. People who participate in a learning adventure feel motivated afterward.

It is viewed as an investment in their professional development and enhances their level of engagement. Our virtual office field trips are mainly organized to observe places, practices, cultures, organizations, or people in their natural environments.

Women’s History Month is intended to recognize women’s contributions to history. With our live virtual travel, you can take your team to historical sites like Dubrovnik, Croatia with our expert female guide.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

8. Game Night

Having fun is the best stress reliever, but often we put fun at the end of our list of priorities.

Why not host a fun night of games dedicated to the female colleagues and working-at-home moms in your team? Collect your squad to solve the murder mystery and bring the perpetrator to justice in an online interactive performance with real actors! Alternatively, put on your creative thinking gear and work with your team to overcome this live virtual escape room.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

9. Virtual Women’s Happy Hour

Celebrate Women’s History Month by hosting a virtual happy hour while signing up for an online mixology class in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to be a great mixologist to make great cocktails. This live cocktail masterclass will teach you the secrets to creating spectacular drinks at home with ease.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

10. Watch Female TED Talks

We’ve put together our top 5 TED talks to watch throughout Women’s History Month. To help drive discussion, we’ve included some prompts to consider.

Leah Chase and Pat Mitchell: An interview with the Queen of Creole Cuisine

Consider these questions for debate after watching:

  1. How do you envision women’s power in 1 year?
  2. What do you expect it to look like in 10 years?
  3. How do you think we could skip those nine years and start the change today?

Dolores Huerta: How to overcome apathy and find your power

Consider these questions for debate after watching: (3/5)

  1. Do you consider education the place to start?

Tarana Burke: Me Too is a movement, not a moment

Consider these questions for debate after watching: (5/5)

  1. “Me too” How would you make women feel safe and brave to share their stories?
  2. Is it a gender war? How could we all feel included as it is not a women’s club? It is about empathy.
  3. “Movement creates possibility.” Could you relate this quote to a life experience you have had?

Kimberlé Crenshaw: The urgency of intersectionality

Consider these questions for debate after watching: (goosebumps from minute 1: 4/5)

  1. Did you recognize any of the names, man or woman?
  2. Do you think there is a filter applied to the news released?
  3. Were you aware of this double discrimination?

Stacey Abrams: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Everything You Do

Consider these questions for debate after watching: (funny talk and inspiring 5/5)

  1. What can we do to encourage equality?
  2. Did you ever think about achieving something for the first time, even on a personal level?
  3. Did you consider fatigue as a powerful tool instead of a negative feeling?

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

11. Host a Women’s Day Party

One way to commemorate International Women’s Day (March 8th) is to host a party. Schedule an hour or two for colleagues to gather, digitally or in person, and engage in fun activities.

Some party ideas for Women’s Day:

  • Give speeches and thank the women in your company.
  • Virtual lunch
  • Play an empowering playlist for a Women Month
  • Play games like scavenger hunts, ice-breakers, and charades to pass the time with your friends.
  • Then, have raffles and give away prizes to people who win them.
  • Invite your team to make cards to send to the women who mean the most to them.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

12. Host a Virtual Watch Party

Put your team in the mood to enjoy some on-screen feminism—hit play on one of these great movies made for, by, or about women through Teleparty. Everyone can put on their most comfortable clothes and prepare classic movie theater snacks like popcorn or nachos.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

13. Enjoy an Online Exhibition

Online exhibitions from the National Women’s History Museum are a great way to learn about some of the most amazing women in history. For example, look at the history of the women of NASA, women in politics, women in the Olympics, female troops in WWII, and so forth.

Learn about historical female figures through reading sources, seeing video clips, and looking at historic images.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

14. Send Thank You Messages

International Women’s Day is a time to show thanks, and a thank-you message is a great way to do this. Make a point of inviting your staff to write a thank-you note to a woman who has impacted their career.

The honoree doesn’t have to be a current or past coworker; they only need to affect their professional lives. For example, a staff person could thank a teacher, a member of the community, or a family member. It’s essential to indicate the recipient’s influence in the messaging.

Suitable for: Remote Teams & Hybrid Teams

Women’s History Month 2022

This year, we are reminded of the critical role of healers and caregivers in promoting and sustaining hope for the future. The NWHA invites communities across the country to commemorate local women who bring and have historically brought these incalculably valuable gifts to their families, workplaces, and neighborhoods, often at a considerable personal sacrifice.

These are the women who, as counselors and clerics, artists and educators, physicians, nurses, mothers, and grandmothers, listen, relieve suffering, restore dignity, and make decisions about our collective and individual well-being.

Women have long fought for compassionate treatment and innovative approaches to public health and women’s mental and physical health. Also, women have also historically been pioneers in mending divisions, healing wounds, and resolving conflicts effectively. This timeless work has helped many people in our communities get better and follow their dreams.

The 2022 theme recognizes those who promote healing and hope for the greater good of everyone in both public and private life.

Celebrate Women’s History Month at Work!

Take time to honor and celebrate Women’s History Month in March. By bringing your coworkers together for virtual team-building activities, you may learn about the history of women’s suffrage and the fight for equal rights over the years.

Join your team virtually to express gratitude to your female colleagues and promote a gender equality mindset.

Discuss Your Women’s History Month Virtual Event

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